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In the early eighties, Ines de la Fressange had already been doing modelling for some years.
She had already been on the catwalk for the most famous designers and she also did modelling for advertising campaigns under world-wide known brands like Christian Dior, Chanel…

At that time, Karl Lagerfeld wishes to choose her as the «egeria» of Chanel house and he then decides to sign with Ms Ines de la Fressange an agreement of exclusivity. For almost ten years, Chanel will invest substantial amounts of money on her first name, her name, her face and most especially on her personality. She becomes the world-wide ambassador of Chanel for their ready to wear, accessories and fragrances lines.

During the eighties, Ines de la Fressange will personify a new image of models which will definitely make a lasting impression on the world of couture and luxury in general. And this to such a point that in its last issue of the 80 decade (December 1989), l’Express (famous French news magazine) headlines were: «The eighties, the Ines Years».
At that time, she will also be chosen to represent the symbol of France «Marianne de la France».

After a long career as top model and world-wide ambassador of Chanel house, Ines de la Fressange decides then to create her own house. And it’s following a meeting with Henri Racamier that she will, in May 1991, associate herself with Orcofi (financial holding owned by Vuitton family) in order to establish the INES DE LA FRESSANGE S.A. company. It is very successful in France, the USA and Japan.